fredag 13 januari 2012

The Cup Drawings - Exhibition at the Flatiron Building, New York City

In the Flatiron Building, an unique architectural work of art, ground breaking at the time of it's construction (for more reading see:; a well worth considering, yet approachable exibition, is held.

The presentation stresses: "Traveling from her solitary art studio, Gwyneth Leech emerges daily drawings on upcycled take-out paper coffee cups at the crossroads of Manhattan to engage a wide range of passers-by to experience her process […]"

It is a beautiful and accessible exhibition for anyone passing by (to or from a meeting with a take away coffee cup in their hands?). The recycled coffee cups are artistically transformed and beautifully arranged in"the glass room" at the head of the Flatiron Buildning. The space is perfect; an exhibition hard to miss, even for townies on the go. Despite being aesthetically appealing The Cup Drawings draws attention to a critical problem of our time: our attitude towards consumption. The paper coffee cup in the hand of a passer-by is thrown on the street, in the bin or, better, recycled; The Cup Drawings might make us consider our consumption habits.

Writing this I am thinking about the other (millions and millions) paper coffee cups used and thrown everyday (some recycled); this makes me urge everyone to think twice before buying take away coffee. We should all try to reveal our consumption habits and at least increase our awareness of the conseqences of our every day choices. The only way to change every day routine choices and making concious choices is of course awareness, coming with knowledge.

At least we should truly enjoy the take away coffee we do buy and not drink it hasty and only out of habit.

I am now (or soon?) a part of the exhibition since leaving a coffee cup to Gwyneth to accompany the other "left overs".

Visit Gwyneths blog: (Art and life in New York City Cup in hand).

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  1. Thank you for coming by and for your insightful thoughts about Hypergraphia in the Flatiron Prow.
    I have indeed drawn on the Mud coffee cup you gave me - one in a challenging bright orange hue. It is hanging in the window already! I will send you a photo.



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